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Interactive properties that bring you deeper into documentary feature ‘Eternal Spring’ and the unique art process that was used to created it.

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These interactive apps will provide more for the audience of the documentary ‘Eternal Spring’. An in-depth web experience will bring you into the city of Changchun, the film’s setting, with web-exclusive videos in an illustrated, sideways scroll timeline. Mobile/tablet apps will allow you to experience portions of the story from Eternal Spring in a digital comic format, and to participate as a background artist colouring the stunning hand-drawn backdrops from the film.


Explore the Art

The ‘Eternal Spring’ film features a unique production process including both CG animation and extensive hand-drawn art from a real-life witness to events, comic book illustrator Daxiong (Justice League, Star Wars comic franchises). These apps allow viewers to dive into the artistic process and appreciate this work in greater depth and from new angles.


Immersive Audio

Put in your headphones and lose yourself in a riveting narrated tale of both persecution and hope.


Interactive Experience

Explore the art, videos, and content all at your own pace.

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