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Learning Mandarin Chinese is fun and easy for kids when they’re in company with Miaomiao and friends. Approved by parents and teachers!

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    Faye Fei Li
    Lina Skorbach


    Jason Loftus
    Leo He


    Hanxuan Ji

Join 6-year-old Miaomiao, her puppy Doudou and her animal friends on exciting role-playing adventures, introducing young viewers to important social lessons and new language skills. Every episode has a new role-playing story where Miaomiao and her animal friends encounter obstacles, solve problems, and let the power of friendship win the day.


As the fun unfolds, they drop a simple word or phrase in Mandarin related to the plot. They reinforce the vocabulary while juggling, scuba diving, flying a kite — basically anything — to keep the young audience laughing and engaged.

“The production values are very high and the animation is quality – as are the voices, stories, and content. All my children found the characters cute and funny (especially Dodo, the dog).”

Mandarin Mama

“My kids have been asking to watch Miaomiao during their screen time for months. They still remember all the vocabulary words learned from each episode.”

Fortune Cookie Mom

“Miaomiao provides the exposure to the Chinese language that I’m seeking for my young daughter. She may not become fluent through watching it, but she’ll hear the tones, pronunciations, and meanings of basic words”

Bicultural Mama

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Canadian Screen Award ‘Best Cross-Platform Project—Children’s and Youth’’ 2019

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