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A fun and easy way for children to learn Mandarin Chinese. Turn screen time into learning with Miaomiao apps. Perfect for young language learners.

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Learning Chinese doesn’t have to be hard, it can be fun a enjoyable with Miaomiao! Through cute, loveable characters and stories, children are introduced to 100 words of Mandarin vocabulary through 50+ videos. At the end of each episode, there is a character tracing activity so kids can practice writing in Chinese. This is the perfect app for introducing young children to the Chinese language.

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50+ Episodes

Watch Miaomiao and friends go on adventures and teaching Chinese words. All episodes are also in Mandarin Chinese teaching English words for a more immersive Chinese experience.

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Learning to Write Chinese Characters

Each episode contains an interactive portion at the end where child can trace the Chinese characters of the words they just learned.

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Travel the World

Explore different places with Miaomiao Around the World. Children visit different countries and learn Chinese words related to those places.


Cute Characters Introducing Common Vocabulary

Lovable characters introduce common vocabulary to children using Pinyin, a phonetic system to help beginners correctly pronounce Chinese words.

“Miaomiao’s Chinese for Kids is an engaging way for young children to get a taste of Mandarin Chinese. They can learn over 100 words and phrases by seeing, hearing, and writing with characters.”

“Overall, an engaging app with an emphasis on the development of Chinese characters, ideal for young children encountering Chinese for the first time. Worth of its 4-star rating.”

4 Star Teacher Review from the Educational App Store

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Canadian Screen Award ‘Best Interactive Production’ 2018

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