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Experience an authentic Kung Fu journey—set in a world inspired by ancient China, filled with myth and lore.


    Action Graphic Novel


    Steam, Nintendo Switch, Playstation, Xbox, iOS and Android

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Shuyan Saga is a graphic novel series where action scenes come alive in 3D combat gameplay. Set in an ancient Chinese martial arts fantasy universe, you embark on a life-changing journey as Shuyan to become a true disciple of Kung Fu and stop the evil Guer horde from destroying the Five Kingdoms.

Hand-Drawn Art

Over 1,400 beautifully illustrated panels from Chinese comic book master Daxiong (he’s drawn Star Wars comics for Dark Horse and Justice League for DC, among others!)

Unique Kung-Fu Gameplay

Over 300 combat animations, referenced from motion captured Kung-Fu techniques of Shifu Longfei Yang, Master of the Shanxi Praying Mantis Style.

Original Story

Set in a fantasy world inspired by ancient China, filled with myth and lore.

Control the Narrative

Make dialogue choices as the story progresses

“Shuyan Saga delivers an epic tale of a rebellious princess coming to terms with her destiny. The game plays out in quick moving comic book style scenes, with over 1400 art panels to be seen across the entire journey.”


“The graphic novel is represented through comic art style drawings that are beautifully done, it has plenty of interactive dialogue choices with a rich Chinese style. The kung fu elements come alive through the 3D combat system: the moves and the game feel is good; and having one on one combat and group combat has enhanced the variety of ways to play.”


“There were points in the game where I paused the screen just to admire the art”


“The original and diverse concept you have been seeking.”



Canadian Screen Award ‘Best Interactive Production’ 2018

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