Sky of tides

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A world on the brink of collapse. Numen, a planet once whole, now shattered into nine with the ocean hanging in the sky. Only the chosen hands can restore balance in their universe.


    Narrative Sci-fi Visual Novel


    Steam, iOS and Android

  • YEAR

    Coming 2023

A sci-fi interactive visual novel set in an alternate universe on the brink of collapse. Numen, a planet once whole, shattered into nine with the ocean floating precariously in the sky. Only the chosen hands can obtain the seals of nations, restore balance in the universe, and bring peace back to the people before the tides wash away all civilization. Syndicate or Sovereign, every numenite must choose their path.


Rin d’Lorah is a cosmic farm girl. After making a new friend, she leaves home on a mission to continue her lost father’s research and cast off the chains of the Syndicate, a one world government plaguing her planetoid home. The Chairman of the Syndicate sends a teenage team to hunt Rin down and retrieve the fruits of her father’s work, the Seal of Yantar. The young people form an alliance and steal a Syndicate airship and flee to a sovereign nation, where the war between free people and the Syndicate begins.

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Choices that Evolve Your Character

Dialogue choices that change your character’s personality. The choices you make affects how your character is evolving and gives you points that unlock customization options.

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Floating Robot Companion with Customization Options

Meet Reef, a floating robot companion who accompanies you through your journey. Inside Reef you’ll find options to change the look of your character and access to information about the mysterious world of Numen

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3D Exploration of Numen

Interact with the world in 3D exploration mode by clicking on objects to obtain more character points and to unlock lore about the world of Numen.

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Unforgettable Characters

Nine different nations, nine different peoples who must all come together for the greater good of their broken world. You’ll met a diverse cast of characters from all walks of life and new perspectives to accept,

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